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Gate loops, also known as inductive loops, are devices that are used in conjunction with automatic gates and doors to detect the presence of a vehicle or other object. They work by generating an electromagnetic field within a loop of wire that is buried beneath the surface of the ground. When a vehicle or other object passes over the loop, it disrupts the electromagnetic field, and the gate or door is triggered to open or close.

There are two main types of gate loops: wired and wireless. Wired gate loops are connected to the gate or door system via a physical wire, which carries the electromagnetic field and signals between the loop and the gate or door controller. Wireless gate loops, on the other hand, use a wireless transmitter and receiver to communicate with the gate or door system.

Wired gate loops are more reliable and less prone to interference than wireless gate loops, but they require the installation of physical wiring, which can be time-consuming and costly. Wireless gate loops, on the other hand, are easier to install and do not require the installation of physical wiring, but they may be less reliable due to the potential for interference from other wireless devices.

Overall, the choice between wired and wireless gate loops depends on the specific needs and requirements of the gate or door system, as well as the budget and installation constraints of the site.


Complete your controlled access system with drive loop detectors and loops.  The combined detectors and loops sense the presence of vehicles and ensure safe and functional operation.  Elite Gates stocks thin, durable and easily-installed loop systems suitable for nearly any device or arrangement.

Loops and loop detectors allow guest vehicles to pass through the system uninhibited when they have passed the entry or exit protocols.  Exit loops, safety loops and center loops protect the vehicle as it passes and reset the system for the next entrant.  They keep the system running smoothly and aware of surrounding vehicles.  Various loops can be applied to asphalt, concrete and brick for businesses, parking garage and lots, as well as sand and gravel for driveways.  Many systems automatically detect loops while others require a separate loop detector.

Loop sealant, surface mounts, alternative equipment, testing equipment and other products are also available to complete and maintain your system.  Order the products that suit your devices, surfaces and needs and contact Elite Gates for more information.

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