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Collection: Battery Back Up

Having complete access to your gate is always important regardless of whether or not the electricity is working in and around your property. Elite Gates offers a variety of power solutions for your gates including state-of-the-art battery backup systems. When you take advantage of these systems, rest easy knowing your electric gate will always be up and running when you need it most.

In addition to our selection of backup systems, we also offer replacement batteries for electric gates. We offer a range of batteries designed for just about any type of gate, all of which are long lasting and highly durable. Whether you are searching for a brand new battery for your gate or an entire back up system, we are here to help. Browse our online catalog to learn more or contact our team today for more details about our battery products.

  • Doorking 1000-083 Inverter Back Up
  • Elite A12330SGLPK Battery 33 Amp With Harness
  • Elite MBAT Battery For Elite/Liftmaster Operators
  • Liftmaster K74-30762 Battery Pack
  • Elite DC2000SL Battery Back Up SL3000
  • Elite DC2000CSW Battery Back Up CSW200UL
  • Elite DC1000SL Battery Back Up SL3000
  • Elite DC1000CSW Battery Back Up CSW200
  • Doorking 1801-009 Battery
  • Doorking 1801-005 Battery 35 AH
  • Doorking 1801-008 Battery
  • Doorking 1801-004 Battery
  • Viking DUBA35 Battery 35ah
  • Liftmaster K77-37710 Brake Kit
  • HySecurity MX002008 Battery 8 Amp AGM Type