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Collection: EMX

All EMX replacement parts, EMX gate openers parts and EMX gate accessories

  • EMX WEL-200 Wireless Edge Kit
  • EMX Carsense 303 Direct Burial Exit Sensor Kit With Probe 100ft Lead
  • EMX NIR Photoeye (Non-UL)
  • EMX MVP D-TEK Loop Detector
  • EMX IRB-4X Photo Eyes
  • EMX IRB-325 Photo Eyes
  • EMX USVD-4X Vehicle Detector
  • EMX SP-24 Loop Surface Mounted Loop Pad
  • EMX LR650RX Receiver
  • EMX LR-650-TX Remote 1 Button
  • EMX LP D-TEK Loop Detector
  • EMX VMD202 Vehicle Motion Sensor 100ft Lead
  • EMX VMD202-R Sensitivity Remote Control
  • EMX IRB-RET Retro Reflective Photoeye With A Hood
  • EMX ULTRA-PLG Plug-In Loop Detector