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EMX Gate Systems

EMX Gate Systems

Set your entry gate up for continual operational success by browsing our collection of compatible parts and accessories. EMX gate accessories are products designed to be used in conjunction with various types of gates. These accessories can include several different items, such as photocells, exit wands, timers, and other components that help to enhance the functionality and performance of your gate. With the right EMX gate system, you can ensure that these security features operate exactly as you need them to. Here’s what you need to know about some of our options.

Photocells are devices that use light and infrared beams to signal the gate to open or close. They can be used to help improve safety by detecting the presence of vehicles or people in the path of the gate, and are particularly useful for large or heavy gates that operate at high speeds. Our selection of EMX gate receivers also assists with proper operation as they help eliminate the need for messy wiring between photocells and your gate opener.

For something more streamlined, consider an EMX loop detector that both detects the presence of a vehicle and sends a signal to activate the gate controller. We offer several options for you to choose from depending on your specifications.

Exit wands are handheld devices that can be used to manually open and close gates, or to override the gate’s normal operation in an emergency. These wands are typically used in conjunction with card readers or keypads to provide secure, controlled access to a gate.

Timers are devices that can be used to automatically open and close gates at specific times or intervals. These timers can be useful for scheduling gate operations around a business's operating hours, or for controlling access to a residential property. They are a very effective way to enhance security during the evening or outside of business hours, and you can rely on these gates to stay put when you aren’t expecting guests.

Replacement gate parts are products designed to be used as substitutions for damaged or worn-out components in your gate. These parts can include items such as motors, chains, hinges, and other components that are essential to the operation of the gate. EMX loop detectors and receivers are also part of this lineup for those looking to replace their older versions. If you need to replace a part of your gate, we make it a point to keep the right components in stock.

Browse our series of EMX gate systems today to find the perfect items for your needs. Whether you’re installing a new gate or upgrading your existing one, we are confident that we have the right parts.

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