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Collection: Photo Eyes

Photocells utilize light and infrared beams to signal the gate to open or close.  They offer a system for operation as well as a safety protocol to ensure vehicles or people are never struck by the gate.  The sensors and reflectors create a simple, reliable system for maintaining gate safety.

Elite Gates carries photo eyes for electric gates with a variety of sensitivities and distances.  Gate safety photo eyes are not affected by inclement weather and can signal even at distances of up to 50 feet away.  This keeps persons and property safe as they cross the gate, regardless of the surrounding environment.  Parking and access gates are large, heavy and operate with some speed, so they can be dangerous to passing vehicles without proper safeguards.  Photocells satisfy safety requirements, eliminate liability and can be easily equipped into nearly any electric entry system.

Order your gate safety photo eyes online to keep your gate in top working order and protect your residents and guests.  Take a look at product manuals, specifications and more for easy installation.

  • Enforcer E-931-S50RRGQ Monitored 50ft Photocell With Reflector
  • Enforcer E-936-S45RRGQ Monitored 50ft Photocell With ReflectorR
  • EMX NIR Photoeye (Non-UL)
  • AB Photocell 110 Volts
  • AB Photocell 24 Vac
  • Dual Enforcer Monitored 50ft Photocell With Reflector Package
  • Enforcer E931ACCRC1Q Photocell Reflector
  • Liftmaster LMRRUL Monitored Photocell
  • Liftmaster LMTBUL Monitored Photoeyes
  • EMX IRB-325 Photo Eyes
  • EMX IRB-4X Photo Eyes
  • FAAC 785105 Photoeyes
  • Enforcer E-960-D90GQ Photocell
  • Liftmaster Cps-U Commercial Photoeye Set
  • EMX IRB-RET Retro Reflective Photoeye With A Hood