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Viking X-390 Dual Swing Gate Openers

Viking X-390 Dual Swing Gate Openers
Viking X390 Dual Swing Gate Openers

Viking X-390 Dual Swing Gate Openers

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Viking VA-X390 Dual Swing Column Mounted Gate Operators

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**Requires 1 photoeye to function**

How much sunshine do you get where you live? If you are anywhere in the sun belt, those states across the south of the U. S., then you might just consider using all that sun power to advantage. Besides the panels on your roof, place them at your gate and use the energy of the sun to power your entry gates.

The X-390 Dual is the way to go for operating a solar based, dual gate system. Its very concept and design takes full advantage of that big, bright orb in the sky.  Simple, energy efficient operation, with a highly advanced battery backup function, the X-390 motor truly stands alone in its class. The standard package with this great motor includes a high quality direct burial cable, a complete control center and the X-9 operator.

This X390 dual gate system is UL Listed and complies with UL325 and UL991. That means it complies with all the latest government rules and regulations for efficiency and safety. What probably matter most to you is the following: These units will open a 14 foot long gate weighing 600 lb. at a speed of 10 to 13 seconds for a full 90 degree opening. The motor inside is equivalent to a ½ horsepower and it’s a 24 VDC that runs on 120/220 VAC single phase current.
Included are two 7 amp batteries that, if all power is lost, will still open your gates a full 800 cycles. That’s a lot of coming and going when the lights are out.

The unit is also backed by a 3 year residential and a 2 year commercial limited warranty. Yes, they stand by their product, and it stands by you.  
Check out the X-390 Dual today and call us for more information.     


  • Max gate size: 14ft
  • Max gate weight: 600 lbs
  • Solar ready
  • ETL Listed; UL325 and UL991
  • Manual Release Mechanism
  • Opening up to 120°
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Built-in power-outage management options
  • Up to 400 continuous cycles of operation on backup battery
  • Intelligent obstruction detection with adjustable sensitivity
  • Adjustable delay for overlapping dual gates
  • Hold Open Timer to automatically close the gate
  • Modular connectors for easy access control and accessory installation
  • Regulated power supply for your external accessories
  • LED indicators display gate and operator status for easy troubleshooting
  • On-Board LCD Display provides diagnostics, operator status, settings and real-time volt and amp readings
  • Built-in motor heater for cold weather applications
  • Equipped for 115/230 VAC, 24 VAC/VDC and Solar power supplies
  • Limited parts warranty provided by Viking Access: 3 year residential / 2 year commercial