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Ramset 800-76-50 Upgrade Kit Circuit Board (Non-UL)

Ramset 800-76-50 Upgrade Kit Circuit Board (Non-UL)
RAMSET 800-63-00

Ramset 800-76-50 Upgrade Kit Circuit Board (Non-UL)

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Ramset 800-76-50 Upgrade Kit Circuit Board (Non-UL)

This is an upgrade kit for the old 12 pin to the new 20 pin

The intelligate control board was designed to work in all Ramset model operators. It is a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled PCB with more options and functions than any other gate operator control board in the industry. The control board is powered by a separate mounted 24V AC transformer. This allows no necessary board modifications between 110V AC and 220V AC single-phase applications. Some of the functions of the Intelligate control board are: 0-60 seconds automatic close timer, self adjusting ERD with low and high settings, constant warning, pre-warning, one pass, open & close delay, left/right hand operation, plug-in loop detectors and RS485 three wire master/slave connection.