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Liftmaster LA412PKGUL Swing Gate Opener (Limited Time Sale)


Liftmaster LA412PKGUL Swing Gate Opener (Limited Time Sale)

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Liftmaster LA412UL Solar Package

*price includes a monitored photoeye infrared beam*

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Introducing the LiftMaster LA412PKGUL Swing Solar Gate Opener - your power-efficient, ultra-reliable solution for powering gates even in areas where electricity isn't readily accessible. This solar-ready system is ideal for residential properties and may even qualify you for a 26% solar tax credit after purchase.

The LA412PKGUL is built with sturdy, heavy-duty cast aluminum housing around its DC motor. This ensures the longevity of your gate opener while providing a smooth start and stop operation that reduces wear and tear, promoting longer gate life. The DC motor also features a slow start/stop operation that's optimized for dependable performance.

Security is a paramount feature of the LA412PKGUL. With Security+ 2.0, access to your property is safeguarded via an encrypted signal that virtually eliminates interference and extends range. Additionally, a quick-close feature can be installed, preventing unauthorized tailgating access.

This product comes with primary arm LA412DC, battery backup with control board, monitored retro reflective photo eye LMRRUL, solar panel, and two complimentary remote controls with visor clips. The remotes' model will be shipped depending on availability.

Control and monitor your gates with myQ® smartphone app for secure and easy access (additional Internet Gateway unit required). You'll receive real-time alerts when your gate opens, and you can close your gate with a tap, from anywhere.

This package doesn't include the LiftMaster PUSH TO OPEN Bracket Kit Model 50-19503 required for outswing applications. For any additional programming features or accessories, please consider the Model K1D8387-1CC Expansion Control Board.

A word of caution: wind can drastically affect the capabilities of your gate operator and may even cause irreversible damage. For locations subject to windy conditions, a pad mount operators such as the CSW24UL or the CSW200UL models are recommended.

Technical Specifications:

  • Usage Classification: Class I
  • Main AC Supply: N/A - Solar Only
  • System Operation Voltage: 12 Vdc Battery Run / Solar Charge
  • Accessory Power: 12 Vdc, 500mA max for ON + SW (switched)
  • Solar Power Max: 12 Vdc at 30 watts max.
  • Maximum Gate Weight/Length:
    • 850 lbs. / 10 ft
    • 750 lbs. / 12 ft
    • 650 lbs. / 14 ft
    • 550 lbs. / 16 ft
  • 90 Degree Travel Time: <23 seconds
  • Maximum Travel Range: 115 degrees
  • Maximum Daily Cycle Rate: 50 cycles / day
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 4 min on
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃ (-4℉ to 140℉)
  • Expansion Board: Optional

This product comes with a 2-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in its quality and durability. Please note, additional solar panels may be required depending on single or dual gate application, geographical location, number of cycles per day, and accessories used. For further information, feel free to contact us at  (800) 555-6017 to speak with one of our sales advisors.

Package Includes:

  • (1) Single Arm
  • (1) Control box
  • (1) Photoeye
  • (1) 12V 10W Solar Panel for Single Gate
  • (1) Standard Mounting Hardware
  • NOTE: Additional panels may be required depending on single or dual gate application, geographical location, number of cycles per day, and accessories used