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Liftmaster LA400XL20W Swing Gate Opener Solar Package (Limited Time Sale)

Liftmaster LA400XL20W Swing Gate Opener Solar Package (Limited Time Sale)

Liftmaster LA400XL20W Swing Gate Opener Solar Package (Limited Time Sale)

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Liftmaster Elite LA400XL20W Solar Swing Gate operator

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*Price includes a large control box, 2 solar panels and 2 large batteries*

Are you a true techie? You are on the leading edge of everything! As you are driving home your device does just about everything from warming and cooling the home to the perfect temperature, to setting the lights, to turning on the TV (and recording your favorite show if you are going to be late). The fridge tells you what groceries you need and the garage door lifts and the light is on to welcome you home.

If that scenario sounds like you, than you MUST have the LA400-U to complete the picture. Even before you approach the house, your gates are alerted to your arrival via your phone. Yes, this is a fully smartphone capable gate opener operating with a powerful 24VDC motor. Key in your phone code and watch that gate glide effortlessly open with exceptional starting torque along with a gentle soft start/stop operation. Such dependable, smooth performance actually helps to mechanically promote much longer gate and operations life. It can handle a hefty payload, being capable of operating gates up to 16 ft. long or weighing up to 850 pounds.

Technology with convenience and dependability?  Your smartphone connects directly with an exclusive Chamberlain on-board radio receiver inside the LA400U; a single remote control solution not only for gates, but inclusive of additional access points.

Safety is paramount with the Liftmaster. The system includes a quality photocell, complete Inherent and External Obstruction Sensing, a gentle start/stop closure timer, DC operation in addition to a battery run system. This Liftmaster also features a keyed manual disconnect, LED indicators, an electronic limit system and a bi-part latch.

You consider yourself leading edge. Your entire house is probably all keyed to your phone. Now your grand entry can be also! Call us now to make it happen.   


  • Max gate size: 16ft
  • Max gate weight: 850lb.
  • 1 arms
  • 1 XL controller
  • 2 solar panels 10w each
  • 2 large batteries 33amp
  • 1 solar harness
  • 1 monitored photocell
  • Limited parts warranty provided by Liftmaster: 2 years