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Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom

Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom
Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom
Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom
Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom

Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom

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Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom

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Designed with small multi-tenant buildings and single family gated homes in mind. With the myQ Community app, residents can see who is at the door before granting/denying access. Integrated myQ mobile credentials provides a safe, secure mode of entry for residents. A luxury amenity for any property.

Stop Handing Out Keys. This system eliminates keys and let residents use mobile credentials instead. That way, you can oversee everything from one centralized dashboard—including which residents are coming and going. From security to convenience, we can elevate your experience.

System lets you watch video live or later so you will always know what is happening at your front entrance. With motion-activated video feed and recording, plus Night Vision capabilities, you can see any shady activity at your property—and prevent or trace vandalism. It’s an affordable purchase that protects your investment.


  • Can be connected via Wifi or ethernet cable. Liftmaster recommends a minimum upload/download of 5Mbps to support the video camera feed.
  • Integrated wide-angle camera: Lets you view entrance through a live feed or recorded event.
  • Integrated BLE radio enabling myQ Mobile Credentials: Ultra-secure encrypted access with the resident’s smartphone.
  • Cloud-based security: Keeps data protected and safeguards residents’ information.
  • Intuitive high-definition display: Straightforward experience for community needs.
  • Robust diagnostic capabilities: Provides ability to detect and address issues before your residents are even aware.

myQ® Community app

  • Gives residents the ability to manage access from their smartphone thru the one-way video calling and two-way voice communication. Able to unlock a door remotely, send virtual guest passes, use Siri to unlock and with myQ mobile credentials, conveniently use their smartphone as their secure all-access pass to move throughout the building – no keyfobs or cards needed! Simply TAP the smartphone lightly on the Smart Video Intercom or get a push notification ALERT on your phone to unlock the door as you walk up to it.
  • myQ mobile credentials with a resident's smartphone provides an ultra-secure method of access for residents. With the Smart Video Intercoms, residents can either TAP their smartphone lightly on the Intercom screen to unlock a door or get a push notification ALERT on their smartphone to unlock their door as they walk up. With the Smart Readers, they can keep their phone in their pocket and just TOUCH the reader to gain entry.
  • Residents can safely identify guests and confidently grant/deny access from anywhere.
  • Residents can “press to unlock” any authorized door/gate for themselves or visitors (including using Siri to unlock the door).


  • 135⁰ wide angle camera provides a view of entrance through a live feed or recorded event through the myQ Community web platform.
  • Receive alerts and HD video recordings when an access event is triggered.
  • Night vision functionality for greater image quality in high and low light environments.
  • Climate performance includes extreme climate operating range of -4⁰ to 122⁰F.

myQ Community* web platform

  • Streamline access management with myQ Community. Conveniently control and manage your residents access to the property
  • myQ mobile credentials provides an ultra-secure method of access for residents. Eliminate conventional credentials like pins, cards and keyfobs that can be shared or copied.
  • Cloud-based platform enables remote features such as adding/deleting residents and assigning access to specific entrances.
  • Set schedules for entry by person, time and location.
  • Configurable email notifications alert you to use of a suspended code, tell you when codes are overused or if service is needed for the Smart Video Intercom.

Cloud-based security

  • Two factor authentication protects and safeguards resident data.
  • Easily connects to myQ Community to manage multiple entry points and properties from a single dashboard.
  • Meets California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements for the myQ Community app.
  • Conforms with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.