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Liftmaster 373LM Remote Control (3-Button)

Liftmaster 373LM Remote Control (3-Button)

Liftmaster 373LM Remote Control (3-Button)

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Liftmaster 373LM, 3-Button Remote Control 315Mhz

Open up to 3 of you compatible gates or garage doors with this 3-Button remote. Combine 3 remotes into a single visor-mounted remote. This makes this single remote easy to work with as each button is programmed to a different gate / garage.

The 373 remote uses a radio frequency of 315MHz, or better known as "Security+". This means that the remote will work with 315Mhz receivers only. If you need to find your receiver's MHz, check the receiver box, or the exterior of your garage door opener for the MHz label. Another easy way to check compatibility is to just match the [circular] logo on the remote to the one on your gate or garage door opener. 

The rolling code technology makes it so every push of the button, you get a brand-new code, one of over 100-billion codes, so it can never to be repeated

Notable Features

  • Directional visor clip included
  • 3V lithium battery included
  • Features Security+® rolling code technology
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® Security+® garage door openers and radio controls
  • Also known as Liftmaster part numbers: 012381993734, 373LMC