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Hysecurity Hy5b Loop Detector

Hysecurity Hy5B Plug In Loop Detector

Hysecurity Hy5b Loop Detector

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Hysecurity Hy5B Plug In Loop Detector


This industry leading vehicle detector easily plugs into the Smart Touch or Smart DC controllers and usually requires no adjustment during setup.

SWING AND SLIDE GATE AUTOMATION The Hy5B is perfect for use with any HySecurity gate operator for all applications such as obstruction loops or free  exit loops. The improved sensitivity algorithms are effective in reducing gate strike accidents.

PARKING Where multilane entries and exits are used, loop frequency is easy to adjust using the Smart DC controls
and display. The availability of vehicle counts provides parking facility operators another way to audit receipts to
minimize fraud. Use the HyNet gateway to receive data remotely, saving time and effort.

SOLAR Hy5B is power efficient, drawing only 35mW of power.

  • Easy installation, no tools needed
  • Smart Touch technology automatically tunes each detector to its own frequency preventing cross talk between loops
  • Monitors three different metrics to determine overall loop health
  • Restores loop data on power up for consistent performance
  • Compensates for moving gate, allowing higher sensitivity than other detectors
  • Counts vehicles including tailgaters
  • Lightning resistant features protect hardware and avoid false trips
  • Low power draw for solar applications 
Hysecurity Hy5B Plug In Loop Detector