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FAAC 750 Underground Swing Gate Opener (115V)

FAAC 750 Underground Swing Gate Opener (115V)
FAAC 750

FAAC 750 Underground Swing Gate Opener (115V)

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FAAC 750 Underground Gate Operator (115V)

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Designed specifically for underground installation in residential applications. Because of the motor’s power and ability to be invisible, the 750 is ideal for medium, ornamental gates. It can withstand extremes in temperature, from a bone chilling -33 F to a blistering 138 above. It will move an 8 foot gate a full 90 degrees in seconds, no matter what the weather.

You may know that hydraulic swing gate motors are generally considered safer because they have fewer “pinch points.” In addition, the FAAC 750 operator is equipped with a hydraulic bypass valve for extra entrapment protection and a manual release that allows you to operate your gate if there is a power failure. The 750 gate system can hydraulically lock your gate in the opened and/or closed position. Your gate system can also be set up to provide special options including: “gate-safe” or “gate-secure” configurations. That means that during power outages, a magnetic lock releases a closed gate to permit emergency access. That is a “Gate Safe” scenario. On the other hand, gate-secure means that during power outages, an electric lock keeps a closed gate locked.

The 750 is versatile enough to allow your gate to open to the inside or to the outside. The versatile FAAC control panel allows for six operating modes including a simple garage-door-like operation and a new hold-open function.

And remember, it works like magic, because it cannot be seen, being underground.

The tough and thoughtful features abound: plug-in loop detector inputs: reverse, open, center (shadow), two AC accessory power plugs, and a built-in control for easy operations.

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  • One Pump motor assembly .
  • One Drive unit with metal enclosure and top .
  • One Foundation plate .
  • One 455 D control panel .
  • Max gate size: 13ft
  • Max gate weight: 1,760 lbs
  • Limited parts warranty provided by FAAC: 2 years