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ELITE Q410 Surge Suppressor

ELITE Q410 Surge Suppressor
ELITE Q410 Surge Suppressor

ELITE Q410 Surge Suppressor

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ELITE Q410 - Surge Suppressor Terminal Block

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The Surge Protection Module recommended by LiftMaster is a surge protector kit specifically designed for use with various LiftMaster Elite Commercial Gate Operators. It is also known by the part number K70-51060. This surge protector kit is most commonly used with the LiftMaster SL3000 and CSW200 models. However, it is important to consult the manual or replacement parts diagram for your specific gate operator to ensure compatibility before ordering.

The installation of a Surge Protection Module is recommended by LiftMaster to protect the gate operator from harmful surges caused by lightning. While the module may not always prevent damage in the event of a direct lightning strike, it can still be effective in protecting the gate operator. This success is dependent on proper installation of the module and proper grounding of both the module and the gate operator.

Proper grounding provides a path for electrical charges, such as those generated by static discharges or near lightning strikes, to safely dissipate their energy into the earth. Without this path, the energy from a lightning strike could potentially damage the gate operator. While it is not possible to fully protect against a direct lightning strike, proper grounding can help to mitigate the risk of damage to the gate operator in most cases.