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Eagle EFB-2070 Fire Box (Limited Time Sale)

Eagle EFB2070 Fire Box
Eagle EFB-2070 Fire Box (Limited Time Sale)

Eagle EFB-2070 Fire Box (Limited Time Sale)

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Eagle EFB2070 Fire Box (EG068)

The EFB-2070 fire box uses a chain release device. Simply pulling the chain will release the gate and allow it to open. The chain release kit is included with this model but can also be bought separately.

The “Fire Release Box”, is designed for use on sliding gates. It consists of a plated box, with a door. The door can be locked with your own padlock, or the fire department's padlock. The fire box would be fixed to the gate pickets. A steel cable with a t-handle runs from the box to the release mechanism at the rear end of the chain. We do not provide the 1/2" EMT to run the cable through. The release mechanism, is placed where the chain bolt would normally be. when you pull on the t-handle, you release the chain from the bolt. To reset, simply reinsert the pin into the housing for normal operation.

  • 14 gauge steel construction with red powder coat
  • Labeled FIRE DEPT. in white
  • Dimensions: 6″ (H) x 5 1/2″ (W) x 3″ (D)