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Doorking 9210-381 Slide Gate Operator (1-Horsepower)

DOORKING 9210-380

Doorking 9210-381 Slide Gate Operator (1-Horsepower)

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 DoorKing Model 9210 1HP Slide Gate Operator

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***Custom-made operator***

*Not eligible for cancellation once ordered*

***Needs 2 photoeyes to activate*** 

Let speak plainly. This unit is for class III and IV applications only. Protection for major power generation stations, nuclear power facilities, major refineries and distribution complexes. Those ratings are for the largest and most guarded facilities. Is that you, too? You need Maximum security and safety? Your industrial complex has arrivals and departures consisting of trucks, huge tractor trailer rigs, tanker trucks or other vehicles that need room to maneuver and a gate that is big and heavy enough to cover the wide expanse these behemoth transports require.

You have arrived at the right place! Elite Gates offers a wide variety of DoorKing products, including their model 9210 1-horsepower slide gate operator. This is the toughest product for operating the entry and exits for your major industrial complex. Custom crafted for your individual needs, this powerful, maximum security operator, is product is designed for limited and restricted applications only.

You can mount the DKS 9210 gate motor on the front, center, or rear of the gate, now that's versatility! The Doorking 9210-081 is fully compatible with huge and heavy gates that measure up to 100 feet in length and depending of the strength of the chain, either a #50 or a #60 chain, this motor will torque open a battleship gate weighing at between 2,000 and 3,000 lbs. There is a 40:1 gear reduction running the chain in a continuous oil bath to guard against seizure or corrosion. The one horsepower motor is a 115,208 or 230 VAC single phase or a 208, 230 VAC 3-phase machine. Housing is G90 galvanized steel painted charcoal grey with stainless steel access door which makes this bold 1 horse power design special and insures the muscle to effectively keep your gate working as intended, every single time. We invite you to call us to learn more about this particular product and the other slide gate operators we offer.

Contact the team at Elite Gates if you have any questions. This unit is for class III and IV applications only so if you need big and bold gate opener, this is the ticket.


  • Maximum gate length: 100 feet
  • Comes with a #60 chain
  • Maximum gate weight: 3,000 lbs.
  • Limited parts warranty by DKS: 5 years