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Doorking 6500-380 Swing Gate Opener 1/2 Horsepower


Doorking 6500-380 Swing Gate Opener 1/2 Horsepower

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DKS 6500-380 Swing Gate Opener 1/2HP

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6500 series operators are specifically designed as vehicular access swing gates for residential, commercial and even industrial situations. This DKS system can be used for both single and bi-parting gates. The 6500 model sports easy access to the electronics and mechanical areas of the entire system without ever having to disconnect and remove the gate arm. This simplifies maintenance tremendously and saves a bunch of time and effort.

The electronic magnetic limits will never wear out or break, plus they are easily adjusted to suit your individual needs. The solid steel frame and belt driven gear box not only insure a sturdy and reliable machine, but it also makes this gate motor one of the quietest anywhere.

Since you are selecting an Automatic Swing Gate Operator System, there may be a few things to keep in mind. First the hinges are the most important part to keep serviced. Keeping them well greased is very important. Make certain the gate swings smoothly. Second, make sure your swing gate is not dragging the ground. That will stress the motor and quickly burn it out.

Some gates have adjustable hinges but if not, the gate must be raised to clear the bottom throughout the gate cycle. Third, check the limits - if the gate is opening too far or closing too far then their limits will need to be adjusted. This will prevent gate bouncing, the arm too stretched or even disabling the motor-stoppage when it hits an obstruction. Numerous benefits of the DKS 6500-080 start with the fact it is mounted on a solid

Numerous benefits of the DKS 6500-080 start with the fact it is mounted on a solid steel frame that is plated for corrosion resistance. A polyurethane housing protects and motor in every kind of environment. The two piece articulated arm opens the gate to a full 90 degrees in just 12 seconds.

Gate log reporting output can provide operator information and features like automatic gate close timer, gate overlap for bi-parting (dual) gate operation, adjustable electronic magnetic limits as well as magnetic power lock are making this gate operator and Elite choice. This is one durable gate for single or double gate entries.

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  • Max gate size: 18ft 
  • Max gate weight: 700 lbs.
  • Limited parts warranty by DKS: 5 years