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Doorking 6400 Swing Gate Opener Package (110v)

Doorking 6400 Swing Gate Opener Package (110v)

Doorking 6400 Swing Gate Opener Package (110v)

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DKS 6400 Underground Swing Gate Opener 110 Volts

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Looking for the very best for a specialized situation? Either for added professional security or sublime estate aesthetics, we recommend the DoorKing 6400. It installs completely in-ground making it virtually invisible and still satisfies the most sophisticated automation needs without being detrimental to the original gate design or the overall elegance of your entry.

Being in the ground also lends a stronger note of security. Invisible and powerful, the motor/drive mechanism is encapsulated inside a specially constructed in die-cast aluminum housing with special corrosion-proof treatment.

The unit is entirely gear driven, thus no worries about hydraulic leaks, check valves or pumps. The unit is self contained, an underground self-supporting foundation box constructed from high quality, corrosion-proof steel, featuring a protective, galvanized steel cover. There is even a lockable, manual release lever so that the mechanism can be operated either inside or outside the gate.

Technically, the gate offers all the latest innovations. From internal and fully adjustable switches that limit speed, delay, and more, to subtle elements like a slow start and stop and dual swing features that lend a touch of majesty to your gate opening. Other convenient operational items include a separate control panel, a magnetic lock output, additional ports for loop detectors, a built in battery backup for the 24 VDC power system, and a keyed release to allow manual operations. You can even provide and replace your own batteries.

The 6400 is perfect for 8 foot gates up to 300 lbs. It will swing fully open 90 degrees in 16 seconds. All this in a fairly small package of only 17” wide x 6” high x 12” long for the gate motor and the solar box checks in at 13” wide x 21” high x 8” deep, all controlled by 24 VDC input and output power. Finally, many clients purchased tandem products for this item.

We note their preferences on the bottom of this page. You may find interesting or needed add-ons there. Be sure to also check the product warranty. 

Basic Specifications
  • Maximum gate width 8-feet.
  • Maximum gate weight 300 pounds
  • Manufacturer limited warranty: 2 years