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Doorking 1200-037 Architectural Gooseneck Post (Limited Time Sale)

DOORKING 1200-037

Doorking 1200-037 Architectural Gooseneck Post (Limited Time Sale)

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DKS 1200-037 Heavy Duty Architectural Style Gooseneck

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DKS 1200-037 is a mounting post heavy-duty architectural style Offset. Doorking provides a comprehensive array of mounting posts, designed for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. All posts can be conveniently mounted on a pad, or if such a pad is not available, an in-ground adapter simplifies the mounting process. A cover is included with every post to conceal the mounting bolt. The heavy-duty posts are offered in an offset style, suited for vehicular traffic, and a straight style, intended for pedestrian traffic. The designer style posts are equipped with spaces for accessory transformers, surge suppressors, radio receivers, and optional lighting assemblies and towers.


  • Constructed from 4 x 4 steel
  • 11 inch x 13 inch mounting plate for DKS telephone entry system
  • 8 inch x 8 inch base plate
  • Offset style is 49 inches tall with 14 inch offset from back of post