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Click 2 Enter Emergency Fire Department Access (Limited Time Sale)

Click 2 Enter Emergency Fire Department Access (Limited Time Sale)

Click 2 Enter Emergency Fire Department Access (Limited Time Sale)

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C2E Emergency Vehicle Access Device

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Access Control Using Radio Transceiver for Public Safety and Authorized Users; Click2Enter does away with all of the cumbersome keys, access control codes, and remote control actuators, because every emergency response vehicle and responder carries the key-their mobile or portable radio transceiver. Just a simple 'click' of the radio transmitter button is all that's required to open gates, parking arms, doors, and commercial roll-up doors.

The Click2Enter-I.V4 takes advantage of state of the art electronics presently being designed in to scanner radio technology. This modified scanner/radio technology provides public safety agencies with a quick, safe, reliable, and stealthy means to activate gates, bollards, doors, or any security control mechanism.

Public safety agencies, such as Fire Departments, Police/Sheriff Departments, and Ambulance/Rescue Companies are issued radio frequencies by the FCC for their restricted use only. Possession of transmitting devices for non-authorized personnel is tightly controlled and transmitting on these frequencies is against the law (Federal and State statutes). 

The Click2Enter-I.V4 combines the scanner/receiver technology with control technology to act as a radio controlled key to open access control devices (gates or security control mechanisms), thus allowing public safety agencies or any authorized users immediate access to deal with emergencies as the occur. To activate the Click2Enter-I.V4, the operator must be close to the device, and using short transmission pulses of their radio transceiver (see operating instructions) is all that is required to initiate an instant activation/entry.

The Click2Enter-I.V4 uses technology that is inherent in most all radio broadcast equipment and adapts this technology to work as a control mechanism.