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BD Loops SB-B Combo Blade

BD Loops SB-B Combo Blade

BD Loops SB-B Combo Blade

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BD Loops SB-B Combo Blade 

All 14” blades from BD Loops have a depth mark on the side. The white circle marks both 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” depths. The depth guide allows installers to quickly adjust the saw-cut machine for the optimum cutting depth.

Cutting at the proper depth and width can yield significant savings in loop sealant. In this example cutting 1¼” depth vs. 2½” results in a 66% Savings in Loop Sealant! Saving 66% in loop sealant can easily add up to thousands of dollars over the years.

All 14” Diamond Blade have 3/4” to 1” arbor and can be used in machines up to 25 horsepower.

Gas Savings: Because the 3/16” blade gets better gas mileage, you will be looking at a savings of about $40.00 in gas over the life of the blade.

There are many benefits to cutting at the proper depth including:

  • Faster cutting
  • Less wear on the blade
  • Use less loop sealant—the sealant savings for a 1 1/4” groove depth vs. a 2 1/2” groove depth is over 50%.

Available Models

  • Asphalt Blades (SB-A) have a hard bond and are designed to be used in abrasive materials like asphalt.
  • Combo blades (SB-B) have a medium bond and can be used in both asphalt and concrete. Combo blades will not cut as quickly as specialized blades, but if cutting into both types of surfaces often, it is a worthwhile investment.
  • Concrete blades (SB-C) have a soft bond and are designed to cut into hard materials such as concrete, brick and stone
  • The 7” Concrete blade (SB-B7) is ideal for getting into area a walk behind saw cant fit such as between pavers.