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BD Loops Prefabricated Saw Cut Loop

BD Loops Prefabricated Saw Cut Loop
BD Loops Prefabricated Saw Cut Loop
BD Loops Prefabricated Saw Cut Loop
BD LOOPS Saw-Cut Prefabricated Loop

BD Loops Prefabricated Saw Cut Loop

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BD LOOPS Saw-Cut Loop For 3/16" Wide Cuts

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BD Loops Preformed Saw-Cut Inductance Loops are a complete loop with a set size loop and length of lead-in run. Our Saw-Cut Loops have an extra layer of protection: a durable outer jacket that protects and tightly binds the inner conductors. All BD Loops are made with 16 AWG copper wire and rated for direct burial use.

For saw-cut installations where a 3/16” or wider slot is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the loop wire is stuffed into the saw-cut slot and sealed with loop sealant.


  • Extra layer of protection—Thick and durable outer jacket protects both loop and lead-in.
  • Each loop is tested 3 ways before it leaves the factory.
  • Backer-rod is built into the wire! No need to use backer-rod if the loop is installed in a 3/16” saw-cut groove.
  • Lead-in wires are tightly bound in an protective outer
  • jacket. Eliminating the need for twisting.
  • Both loop and lead-in fit into a 3/16” wide saw-cut groove. No more double cutting the lead-in run!
  • Loop fills up a larger percentage of the saw-cut groove, requires less loop sealant to seal the groove. (30-40% less sealant vs a 1/4” wide groove)
  • Cuts don’t need to be exact! Any BD Loop can be made up to 4’ smaller. Be slightly conservative with your cuts and BD Loops Preformed Saw-Cut Loops will fit every time.
  • Use the BD-LS flat 3/16″ sealant tip and seal the loop in just 1 pass. No more waiting around for the sealant to seep in and top off gaps. Make an attractive smooth and even seal.

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