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BD Loop Prefabricated Direct Burial Loop

BD Loop Prefabricated Direct Burial Loop
BD Loop Prefabricated Direct Burial Loop
BD Loop Prefabricated Direct Burial Loop
BD direct burial loop

BD Loop Prefabricated Direct Burial Loop

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BD Preformed Direct Burial loop

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These conductive loops are installed on the rebar before pouring concrete, under asphalt, gravel driveways or under pavers. Install the highest quality loop, save time, and reduce service calls by using a BD Loops preformed loop.

BD Loops Preformed Direct Burial Inductance Loops are a complete loop with a set size loop and length of lead-in run. Our Direct Burial Loops have an extra layer of protection: a durable outer jacket that protects and tightly binds the inner conductors. All BD Loops are made with 16 AWG copper wire and rated for direct burial use.


  • For installation under concrete, asphalt, gravel, and pavers.
  • Loop wire gauge designed for superior performance.
  • Tested 3 ways with meg-ohm meter, inductance tester and live detector.
  • Installation kit includes: cable ties, ground stakes, and loop lead-in labels.
  • Easy to follow installation guide.
  • Loop wire meets UL standard 493 for direct burial.
  • Made in the US


  • Extra layer of protection—Thick and durable outer jacket protects both loop and lead-in.
  • Each loop is tested 3 ways before it leaves the factory.
  • Lead-in wires are tightly bound in an protective outer jacket. Eliminating the need for twisting.
  • Flex Yoke Design with 1/2” coupler to accept PVC conduit for protecting the lead-in run.
  • The loop section is built with Solid 16AWG copper wire which makes it rigid and easy to form. In a concrete pour it won’t fall below the rebar pattern.
  • Unlike loops wrapped through PVC conduit, BD Loops Direct Burial Loops do not have an air pocket resulting in fewer repeat service calls due to phantom detections caused by ground vibration.
  • Every direct burial loop comes with zip ties for installation and loop function labels to label the lead-in wires for easy identification after installation.