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BD Loop Prefabricated Direct Burial Loop

BD direct burial loop

BD Loop Prefabricated Direct Burial Loop

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BD Direct Burial loop

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These conductive loops are installed on the rebar before pouring concrete, under asphalt, gravel driveways or under pavers. Install the highest quality loop, save time, and reduce service calls by using a BD Loops preformed loop


  • For installation under concrete, asphalt, gravel, and pavers.
  • 14 AWG loop wire designed for superior performance.
  • Tested 3 ways with meg-ohm meter, inductance tester and live detector.
  • Installation kit includes: cable ties, ground stakes, and loop lead-in labels.
  • Easy to follow installation guide.
  • Loop wire meets UL standard 493 for direct burial.
  • Made in the US