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Collection: Wires

Elite Gates gives you everything you need to install a fully-functional access system to your home, business or community.  The wiring setups for electric gates enable easy installation for simple and complex entry systems.  Synchronize your gates with phone lines, photocells, secondary gates, key pads and more or use loop wires to trigger entry.

All wiring is insulated and fortified to withstand environmental damage and maintain quick, reliable connections.  Dual, triple and quadruple connections, as well as phone and loop wire, allow you to connect all necessary devices and make a seamless, protective, usable entry guard.  Connection to external power sources keeps your gate functioning in case of an emergency and telephone or keypad wires keep your system usable and intuitive.

Replace your old loop wires or other configurations or connect your new system with state-of-the-art wiring.  Browse the electrical wiring systems to find cables that match the voltage and capabilities of your gate.

  • Elite XLPE Loop Wire 500ft
  • Elite Loop Detector Harness
  • Doorking 1815-037 USB to RS232 Adapter
  • Eagle E554 Wire Harness
  • Elite Q407 Motor Harness 1Hp
  • Liftmaster Elite K94-37449 Reset Button With ID Resistor
  • Liftmaster K94-37259 Wiring Harness Kit
  • Liftmaster K2A0878 Hall Effect Board
  • Liftmaster K77-37693 Wire Harness
  • Liftmaster K94-37468 Reset Switch
  • Elite XLPE Loop Wire 1000ft
  • Liftmaster K94-36591 Master/Secondary Cable
  • Elite K55-09853 Master / Secondary Operator Wire