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Collection: Transformers

Transformers supply low voltage power to your gate opener or gate accessories. It is a good practice to use a transformer for the gate accessories to prevent an overload on the circuit board's power supply and to prevent damage to the mother board.

  • Elite Apow1 Roboslide And Roboswing Transformer
  • Elite Apow3 Transformer
  • Elite Power Transformer For Gate Accessories
  • Elite 12v Transformer 50va
  • Liftmaster K204B195-1 RSW And RSL 14.5v Transformer
  • Liftmaster K21-14182 Transformer
  • Liftmaster K21-3260-1 Transformer
  • Liftmaster MS015 Transformer, 115/230V, 24VAC
  • Liftmaster K21-5115 Transformer, 120V, 24VAC, 40VA
  • Liftmaster MA015 Transformer, 24V
  • Liftmaster K002B0821-1 Transformer, EL1SS
  • Liftmaster 21-40383 Transformer
  • Liftmaster 21-40384 Transformer
  • Liftmaster 29-40095 Battery Charger
  • Liftmaster IPACELK IPAC Electric Parts Kit