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Collection: Telephone Entry Systems

When it comes to communicating with guests at your gate, there is no better way to get the job done than using our high-quality telephone intercom systems. Elite Gates offers a wide range of phone entry systems that give you complete control of your gate communication. Several of our products allow you to use your existing telephone line, eliminating the inconvenience of installing an entirely new line just for your gates. Our intercom systems even offer communication options for multiple gates if you have several entrances around your property.

Whether you own a home or a business, being able to communicate with those at your gate entrances is always important. You can expect reliable communication and a wealth of useful features from all of the intercom systems we offer. Browse our site to learn more about our products and give us a call today to learn more from a member of our team.

  • AAS ADV-1000i Keypad With Intercom
  • AAS 16-X1 Cellular Entry System With A Camera
  • AAS 19-100I Keypad With Intercom
  • Doorking 1812-087 Telephone Entry System
  • Doorking 1808-084 Without Directory
  • Doorking 1808-082 With Directory
  • Doorking 1504-086 Intercom
  • Doorking 1802-082 Telephone Entry System
  • Doorking 1802-089 Flush Mount Telephone Entry System
  • Doorking 1810-080 Telephone Entry System
  • Doorking 1810 Flush Mount Gate Intercom
  • Doorking 1810-095 Access Plus Telephone Entry
  • Doorking 1834-080 Telephone Entry System
  • Doorking 1834-084 Flush Mounted Telephone Entry System
  • Doorking 1835-080 Telephone Entry System
  • Doorking 1835-084 Flush Mount Telephone Entry