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The Ultimate Guide to Battery Backup Solutions for Automatic Gates

The Ultimate Guide to Battery Backup Solutions for Automatic Gates

Automatic gates provide unparalleled convenience and security for residential and commercial properties. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the importance of a reliable battery backup system. When the power goes out, you need assurance that your gate will continue to operate smoothly, maintaining security and access. In this blog, we’ll explore the various battery backup solutions available for automatic gates, including built-in battery backups due to DC motors, battery backup systems with secondary motors, and advanced controller and inverter systems.

Built-in Battery Backup (DC Motors)

One of the most seamless battery backup solutions is a built-in system for gate openers that use DC motors. Unlike AC motors, which require 110V to operate, DC motors need only low voltage (12VDC or 24VDC), allowing them to work efficiently on battery power alone. In the event of a power outage, your gate will continue to operate without interruption. The number of times your gate will be able to open and close during a power outage will depend on the size of the battery and the duration of the outage. DC motors are becoming the default in the industry, making AC motors obsolete for most applications. However, AC motors remain a good or necessary option for industrial and heavy commercial applications. 

Built-in Battery Backup for automatic gate using DC motors

Advantages of a Built-in Battery Backup:

  • Efficiency: DC motors are more energy-efficient and can run longer on battery power compared to AC motors that use other means of backup.
  • Integration: These systems are integrated into the gate opener's motherboard, providing a compact and streamlined solution, and typically only require occasional battery replacement.
  • Reliability: With fewer moving parts and a simpler design, DC motors tend to be more reliable and require less maintenance. A built-in battery backup system is ideal for those looking for a hassle-free and reliable solution to ensure their gate remains operational during power outages.

Inverter Battery Backup Systems

For those seeking a more advanced and versatile solution for gate openers with AC motors, controller and inverter systems provide a robust battery backup option. These systems convert stored battery power into AC power, enabling the operation of gates with AC motors. Controller and inverter systems are perfect for properties with complex gate setups or where flexibility and extended battery life are paramount.

Doorking 1000-083 Inverter Battery Back Up

Key Features of Controller and Inverter Systems:

  • Versatility: These systems can power a wide range of gate openers, including those with AC motors up to 1 horsepower.
  • Extended Run Time: They often provide longer run times and can support multiple devices including automatic gate accessories
  • Advanced Monitoring: Some inverter systems come with advanced monitoring and control features, allowing you to manage and optimize power usage.

Battery Backup Systems with Secondary Motors

For those with older AC motor systems, this backup system includes a secondary motor and a controller that operates independently during power outages. Typically, it is set up to open upon power failure and resumes normal operation when power is restored, preventing bottlenecks at the gate. It can also be configured to work with a separate remote to avoid unnecessary gate openings. Although this system is not designed for continuous use and can only handle a few openings and closings with its single battery, it is an excellent choice for ensuring gate functionality during power outages. The dedicated backup motor takes over when the primary motor loses power.

Battery Backup Systems with Secondary Motors

Benefits of a Secondary Motor System:

  • Redundancy: Having a secondary motor ensures that your gate will operate even if the primary motor fails.
  • Increased Power: These systems often come with enhanced power capabilities, allowing them to handle medium to heavy gates.
  • Easy Installation: Many secondary motor systems are designed for easy installation and integration with existing gate setups.
  • Emergency: This type of battery backup is ideal for high-traffic areas or locations where gate operation is critical and cannot afford any downtime.


Investing in a reliable battery backup system for your automatic gate is essential for maintaining security and convenience during power outages. Whether you opt for a built-in battery backup with a DC motor, a secondary motor system, or an advanced controller and inverter system, each solution offers unique benefits tailored to different needs. Explore our range of battery backup solutions at EliteGates.net to find the perfect match for your automatic gate. Ensure your gate remains operational, secure, and convenient no matter the circumstances.

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