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Collection: Parking Arms

Manage, monitor and control access to your home or business with parking control arms and barrier gates from Elite Gates.  Enforce exclusive entry rules, control speed and organize traffic flow easily with a gate system and accessories.  Residents can control entry to their site and safeguard against excessive speeds throughout the area while guests enjoy safe, intuitive and controlled access.

Select the size and strength of your gate system to maintain seamless, effortless entry control to your home, community, parking ramp, lot or other exclusive area.  Gates, traffic spikes, signs and other equipment keeps unwelcome parties out, maintains safe traffic speeds and flow and guards the premises at night.  The gates utilize resilient materials and finishes to uphold a professional appearance in any setting.

Find the appropriate gate to match the operator system, entrance size and traffic requirements of your site.  Heavy industrial gates, residential gates, high-efficiency parking gates and other models are available for many lots, drives, garages and more.  Order yours online or call for more information on special orders.

  • Liftmaster MATDCBB3 Mega Arm Tower
  • Liftmaster MASTDCBB3 Mega Sprint Tower
  • Doorking 1601-380 Parking Barrier Arm
  • Doorking 1602-090 Parking Barrier Arm
  • Doorking 1601-381 Parking Barrier Arm W/ DC Open
  • Hysecurity STRONGARMPARK DC10 Barrier Gate Opener
  • Hysecurity STRONGARMPARK DCS 10 Solar Barrier Gate Opener
  • Hysecurity STRONGARMPARK DC14 Barrier Gate Opener
  • Hysecurity STRONGARMPARK DCS14 Solar Barrier Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster MADCBB3 Mega Arm Parking Lot Barrier
  • Liftmaster MASDCBB3 Mega Sprint Barrier Gate
  • Doorking 1610 Traffic Spikes Surface Mount (Sold In 3ft Sections)
  • Doorking 1610-081 Traffic Spikes
  • Doorking 1615-080 Traffic Warning Sign
  • Doorking 1601-516 Aluminum Arm
  • Liftmaster MA025 Arm 12ft. W/ Yellow Padding