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Collection: Keypads

Wireless keypads for electric gates allow you to easily and efficiently control access to your lot or building. The keyless entry systems can be placed nearly anywhere around your entry system and communicates with your gate remotely.

Elite Gates features a variety of keypads with many password options to suit the residents, clients and guests frequenting your location. Keypad authorization ensures only authorized personnel, residents and welcome guests are allowed into your site. Keypads can be easily connected with many gate devices in commercial, residential or industrial locations.

The password system gives appropriate individuals easy access without having to worry about lost or stolen keys or key cards. Keypads are ideal for keeping warehouses, offices and storage lots secure, as well as gated communities and apartment complexes. Elite Gates' Wireless keypad systems can accommodate up to 1000 codes, a 250 foot range and numerous gate configurations. Order a device to secure your site today.

  • Enforcer SK-2323-SDQ Slim Keypad
  • FAAC DL1000 keypad
  • Doorking 1506-081 Secondary Keypad
  • Eagle EG654 Wireless Keypad
  • Liftmaster Kpr200 Wired Keypad
  • EIS-LOCK Keypad By Transmitter Solutions