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Liftmaster CSW24UL Swing Gate Opener


Liftmaster CSW24UL Swing Gate Opener

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LiftMaster CSW24UL Swing Gate Operator 

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*Comes with a safety photoeye*

If you are shopping for a new smartphone controlled gate motor, chances are you are seeing a lot of DC motors coming online. Liftmaster gate operators are crossing new boundaries regarding DC power.

The good news is that having a DC motor allows you greater control and a range of solar capabilities, aside from the typical AC power grid. The New CSW24V is a heavy duty DC operator that can handle...ready for this? 1,000,000 cycles in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications. Yes, that number is One Million Cycles. With DC power, a Battery Backup System provides uninterrupted access when the regular electric power is out. Your home or complex can continue operating, safe and secure.

Not only that, this gate motor is quite a monster, hefting gates up to 18 ft. long or tipping the scales at 1,600 lbs. With that kind of power, one might think this gate opener is a mad power consumer. Not the case at all. The CSW24V is programmed with a great Power Management System. It supplies power when needed to operate the gate and conserves power when not in use. The unit provides an amazing amount of standby time and runs incredible numbers of cycles on battery backup: 7 days of standby time or 100 cycles on battery backup. When disaster strikes, know that this gate operator is Fire department compliant. There are a series of settings to allow gate to auto-open when there is a loss of AC power or battery depletion.

There are safety and security factors galore with the CSW24V. Let’s start with advanced traffic management control, which includes Quick-close and Anti-tailgating functions. A simple to set electronic limit system insures fully accurate gate position at all times along its travel route. It swings your gate open a full 90 degrees in just 13 – 15 seconds. External obstruction sensing complies with recently enhanced UL325 safety codes. Quality is a by-word with this automatic gate opener.

The high-density, UV-resistant polycarbonate two-piece cover protects against heat and corrosion. The unit is constructed with 1/4" gold zinc-plated steel for rust prevention. Manufacturing confidence in this unit high. 

Looking to be on the forefront? Need solar powered gate opener: You need to have this unit to power your gates. Call us now.     


  • Max gate width: 18ft
  • Max gate weight: 1,600 lbs.
  • Smartphone capable
  • Solar ready
  • Limited parts warranty provided by Liftmaster