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BFT Video Wifi Intercom

BFT Video Wifi Intercom

BFT Video Wifi Intercom

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BFT Wifi Video Intercom With Keypad

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The brand new release of BFT Video Intercom Keypad offered by Elite Gates is a key component for security with a wide array of capabilities. The system’s audio and visual features enhance safety and setting it up is a straightforward process. Using your existing home WiFi, you simply follow the instructional steps to pair your smartphone to the keypad. No landline is required and once the connection is established you can view your gate/door when you’re at home or away.

Having convenience and peace of mind whenever someone buzzes you, is invaluable. Whether the visitor standing outside your gate is a delivery person, a solicitor or an unexpected guest, you can interact and instruct them. Picture this: you’re away from home and an important package arrives. You can give the delivery person instructions on where to leave it so it’s safe from prying eyes and potential theft. Thwart criminals ringing gates during the day to check if residents are home - with the video intercom you can appear to be there and determine if someone at your gate is an unwanted guest. Being able to ask visitors questions can quickly let you know if you want to open the gates and have them gain access. Seeing a uniform, badge or business card and verifying identity is another valuable screening tool. Non-verbal communication like body language can be observed and evaluated – is this someone you trust or do they arouse suspicion?

One of the advantages of the video intercom system is they can’t see you and you don’t have to physically interact with them. It shows you the visitor at the exterior premises from a safe, remote vantage point. Additional features include the ability to view crystal clear, high definition color images of previous visitors and review video clips. Troubleshooting is easy, and there’s a quick test to determine if you have a site issue or trouble with the device. If you have connectivity or hardware issues, technical support is available to owners. Elite Gates reputation for quality and reliability extends to the BFT Video Intercom Keypad. Upgrade your existing system with a dependable one that translates to significant savings and superior security.

  • Connect to home WiFi to speak to and see visitors on your smartphone or tablet
  • Enjoy simple setup with iPhone and Android
  • View your gate/door 24/7 to buzz visitors in



  • Can call up to 4 devices at the same time.
  • No SIM card, no call charges, no home phone line needed
  • Iphone and Android 
  • Special order. No returns