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Reno AX4 Loop Detector 12-24v (Limited Time Sale)

Reno AX4 Loop Detector 12-24v (Limited Time Sale)

Reno AX4 Loop Detector 12-24v (Limited Time Sale)

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EDI Reno AX-4 Loop Detector 12-24v

**Harness sold separately** 


The best selling and most reliable detector in the market


  • Single Relay output:
  • Limited Presence
  • True Presence TM
  • Pulse-on-Entry
  • Pulse-on-Exit
  • Delay Output for two seconds
  • Four levels of sensitivity
  • Sensitivity Boost for applications where high-bed vehicles might be encountered
  • Detect Memory feature maintains detection during momentary power interruptions of up to two seconds
  • Fail LED indicates current loop failures or loop failures that have occurred
  • Four loop frequencies
  • Super bright LED indicators for power, detect, and loop fail
  • 11-pin Amphenol connector
  • Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure versions available
  • 2.50" High x 1.55" Wide x 3.50" Deep

Model Number information: AX-y-z 

  • y = 3: 120 VAC Input Power 4: 10-35 V AC/DC Input Power 8: 240 VAC Input Power
  • z = Blank: Fail-Safe S: Fail-Secure