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Elite Apow1 Roboslide And Roboswing Transformer (Limited Time Sale)

APOW-1 Transformer

Elite Apow1 Roboslide And Roboswing Transformer (Limited Time Sale)

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Elite APOW-1 Transformer

This is an Elite Apow-1 power transformer to be used with Elite RoboSlide or RoboSwing operators. The Robo Swing and Robo Slide are battery run operators. When the battery is low, the onboard relay buzzes or loudly chatters when the board is given a command.

Below are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Read the battery harness while giving a command, if it is less then 12VDC the battery needs to be replaced.
  2. Verify the charge voltage to the battery is correct 13.8 to 14VDC.
  3. Disconnect the battery harness and read the 2 male pins.
  4. If the voltage is low, adjust the unlabeled potentiometer on the board.
  5. If the battery is more than 2 years old, replace it.
  6. If the battery has been drained to below 6VDC, replace it.
  7. If the battery is low but above 7VDC and is newer than 2 years it will need time to charge. It may be drained due to a recent power outage.
  8. If there is no charge voltage.
  9. Verify the transformer is supplying voltage to the surge at the transformer input.
  10. It should either be 18VAC 40VA or 25VDC 1.6A transformer.
  11. Verify the transformer is receiving 115VAC within 10%.
  12. If the transformer is getting power but not putting out power replace the transformer, part APOW1.
  13. If there is no power at the outlet check the breaker.

Please review your manual prior to purchase to assure compatibility with your specific model. 

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