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Doorking 1508-195 Windshield Tags (Qty 10)

Doorking 1508-195 Windshield Tag
Doorking 1508-195 Windshield Tags (Qty 10)

Doorking 1508-195 Windshield Tags (Qty 10)

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Doorking 1508-195 Windshield Tags (Sold in batches of 10)

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DKS 1508-195 is a batch of 10 DK Proximity UHF Windshield/Headlight Tag

The Headlight TAG is designed to be used with the DKS 1815-350 Long Range Reader. The Tag does not contain a battery, so it never wears out.

The UHF long range antenna emits an RF signal which powers the Tag when the Tag enters the scanning area of the antenna. The Tag relays its Wiegand number back to the antenna which reports the Tag’s number to a connected access control system. The Tag is an effortless way to open a gate for an authorized vehicle.

Tag may be mounted on the headlight (BEST RECEPTION) or windshield NO closer than 2” away from any metal. The farther away from metal, the better the reception. ONLY mount tag horizontally as shown. DO NOT mount tag vertically. It should be mounted out of the pathway of the windshield wiper blade when mounted outside. Clear adhesive tape MUST be placed over the tag to protect it from weather and car washing.