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Liftmaster LA500UL Swing Gate Opener


Liftmaster LA500UL Swing Gate Opener

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Liftmaster LA500UL Swing Gate Operator


You know them well and always admire them. Usually a primary staple of any holiday parade, the magnificent Clydesdale team of draft horses are always a welcome site. Smooth, controlled power, gliding along effortlessly as they pull a huge, loaded wagon. Imagine that kind of ceaseless, disciplined ability harnessed to your front gates? That is the type of image and confidence the LA500-UL bring to your drive entry. 

The power of a simple 110V house current or a more strapping 220V single phase current or better yet, solar power, allows this Liftmaster to glide open gates at large as 18 ft and weighing up to 1,200 lbs. That kind of horsepower gently muscles a huge gate a full 90 degrees in just about 15 – 17 seconds. And it will continue to do so without hesitation or complaint up to 500 time a day. Even if the electricity fails, this unit is not only solar ready, but touts a top flight battery backup system that backs you up with up to 7 days or 500 cycles on the battery backup. A power management system insures battery life. And yes, it also powers various safety and ancillary devices as you may require them.

While the watchful photo-eye monitors, external obstruction sensors protect. Advanced traffic management systems include Quick Close and a sharp Anti-Tailgating function. Worried about hacks? Security+ 2.0™ technology virtually eliminates interference; receiver holds up to 50 remotes, and the system is HomeLink® compatible. Sound too sophisticated? Actually, the Liftmaster contains a simple-to-set electronic limit system that maintains accurate gate position and guides it through gate travel. There are plug in loop detectors, programmable relays, a keyed manual disconnect should anything get stuck, and a bi-part delay allowing for a standard operation or a fully synchronized close.
Best of all, this vast array of sophistication is completely contained in a solid, commercial grade aluminum housing.

Status and horsepower? The LA 500UL will do it every time, up to 500 times, every day.  Order one now.

  • Max gate size: 18ft
  • Max gate weight: 1,600 lbs.
  • Battery Backup System 
  • Solar ready
  • Limited parts warranty provided by Liftmaster: 2 years