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Elite SL3000101UL 1-Horsepower Slide Gate Operator


Elite SL3000101UL 1-Horsepower Slide Gate Operator

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Liftmaster Elite SL3000-101UL 1HP Slide Gate Opener


Comes with a safety edge - please add wireless kit for it

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Pull out your smartphone and open your gate!

The Elite SL3000-101UL slide gate operator is the finest in the industry. It can handle entry gates up to 37 feet long, weighing up to 2,000 lbs .Yes, You Have Arrived.

Why is this gate motor the best products found on the market? it meets everyone’s expectations of high quality, and a reliability - a product you can continuously count on. This model is so high class it even features a tough polyethylene plastic cover and encased in it is a gold zinc plated chassis making it weather-resistant and rust fighting properties for longevity. It is also equipped with surge protection keeping it safe from power outages and lightning strikes 50 feet away.

Your amazing residential or heavy commercial building will exude elegance and brute with the Elite series SL3000. Just some of the features of the SL3000-101UL includes a built-in 850LM radio receiver is on-board that is compatible with the 8-series & Max series remotes for the latest in radio frequencies.

A finely set  of [free] monitored retro-reflective photo safety eye suitable for harsh weather conditions is included in the package when you buy it directly from Elite Gates.A deliberate soft stop and precise synchronized movement combine with a whisper quiet operation is inherent and it’ll move your gate a foot per second speed even at its maximum limits.

Security? Keep your property safe and secure with the help of the Elite SL3000-UL full 1-horsepower slide gate operator from Elite. You can get your money’s worth with this top of the line product. Being part of the brand’s Elite Series gives it a distinct, high standard of quality.

Let’s get technical for a second: this automatic gate opener is equipped with an easy to read and understand LED diagnostics display making it simple for technicians and homeowners alike to install and repair it. It also comes with programmable relays which allows users to add accessories and features such as light warnings, sirens, home alarms, safety devices, telephone intercom systems and much, much more

The mechanical gate system’s limit switch design allows it to keep your gates in the proper position even if the gate has been adjusted manually. It is powered by a strong P3 motor and has a quick close, anti-tailgate feature which immediately shuts the gate once your vehicle passes the interrupt loop. This prevents unwanted vehicles or people from entering your premises.

It also has an electronic reversing sensor which can prevent accidents and clear anything blocking the gate before closing it and the built-in safety alarm will go off in the event of an accident which of course has an external reset button to quiet it after you cleared any obstruction in its way. For safety reasons, it has a manual release handle allowing the gate to be accessed manually in case of emergencies too. 

Yes, this is that “behind the scenes” little extras that makes the simple entry or grand entry look so...grand and as that gate glides open so gracefully you can truly say, “I have arrived.”

If you are considering to purchase this state-of- the-art mechanism, Liftmaster offers a 5-year limited warranty for commercial properties and a 7-year warranty for residential units. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or if you want to place an order. 

Basic Specifications       

  • Maximum gate length: 37ft
  • Maximum gate weight: 2,000 lbs
  • Smartphone cabable (iphone/android app)
  • Limited parts warranty provided by Liftmaster: 5/7 years