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All-O-Matic SL150 DC Slide Gate Opener 1/2 Hp

All-O-Matic SL150 DC Slide Gate Opener 1/2 Hp
All-O-Matic SL150 DC Slide Gate Opener 1/2 Hp

All-O-Matic SL150 DC Slide Gate Opener 1/2 Hp

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All-O-Matic SL150DC Slide Gate Operator

All-O-Matics has an All-in-One unit; all the best elements packed into a single system The new SL-150 DC slide gate operator comes fully equipped with a true integrated long term battery backup and foot release mechanism for emergencies. Like all of All-O-Matics DC gate operators the SL-150 DC uses an industry first brushless DC motor, which means zero maintenance and high precision.

The unit operates under a virtually indestructible rotationally molded cover. It is a small 15” wide by 9.5” long by 25” high unit. Yet, this brute of a motor will gracefully slice a full length 60 foot gate weighing up to 2 TONS (That’s 4,000 pounds!)...and move it at a foot per second speed using a 1 horsepower model. If you don’t require quite that much muscle, there is an option for a half horsepower unit that will still roll a 3,000 lb. gate up to 60 feet long in the same amount of time.

Bristling with features, the SL-150 DC comes equipped with a built-in loop rack, slow start/stop algorithm, a heavy duty frame, and a handy emergency mechanical foot pedal release. It is manufactured to last a lifetime. And if that lifetime includes a power failure, the SL-150 DC continues to serve you...up to weeks of uninterrupted operation. Unlike “open the gate and die” single cycle battery backups, the SL-150 DC seamlessly shifts over from AC power to backup mode and runs off of its included (2 - 8Ah) batteries. That is reliability and confidence! And considering heavy slide gate applications, this motor has no peer. Seriously, there is no tougher or more reliable system.

Take a good look. With a 24 VDC brushless motor in either ½ horsepower or 1-horsepower , these continuous duty cycle gate operators are exactly what you need. And a fully integrated battery backup system with two 8 Ah batteries that are 12VDC gives you the solar capabilities to keep off the grid.

Call us today and learn all the great options with the SL-150 DC.


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  • Motor size: 1/2 horsepower
  • Maximum gate length: 60 Feet
  • Maximum gate weight: 3,000 lbs
  • Solar capable
  • Limited parts warranty provide by Allomatic: 7 year residential, 5 year commercial